An easy run…

It worked out quite well last night, Em’s mam and then my mam and dad came through to see the patient. Very good of them and it also, allowed me to sneak out for an hour to meet Andy for a run.

We did our usual 6 miler along the coastal path and last night we didn’t need the head torches, it’ll be even lighter next week ! We just took it easy, Andy had been out the night before for 6 miles with Tony, another of the lads from Garstang AC. Andy is doing the Bath half marathon on sunday was just wanting a leisurely plod, this was great for me as well because I’d just got my number for the Liverpool Half Marathon at lunchtime.

I wasn’t planning on doing it this year as I’ve only been running since mid february but as I’ve been running well I banged a late entry in. I don’t expect to run fast and to be honest I’ll be happy with anything under 1:50 ( if Andy were a betting man he reckons 1:42….so we’ll see ).

So the gentle pace suited us both, it wasn’t too cold and I’d ventured out in shorts as well. There was some great views across the Lune estuary as the sun started to dip, and virtually no wind which was the polar opposite of saturday. We talked all the way round about previous races, the background to the ironman, how I’d met MTB, Dave and the enigma that is Viking, hitting the wall in a marathon, and who we thought would win this years tour de france ( my money is on a rider from Discovery….probably Basso ). So it was a great relaxed run and we both finished it feeling fresh, lets hope we both feel that way when we both finish our races on sunday.


6 miles      time: 50:26         av pace : 8:27       best pace: 5:27      av HR: 137   Calories: 685


4 responses to “An easy run…

  1. Not fast – sub 1.50!! Sheeesh!!! :oD

  2. sorry…….I should have said not fast for me – but I’m sure given my lack of racing 1:50 will feel plenty fast enough !!

  3. Been called plenty of thing in my time but never been called an enigma before!

    Min – think about how many hours a week we are training at swimming/running/biking. If that was purely running training we would probably be coming in at 1:40:00!

    I reckon it’s all Holgs fault!

  4. I’ve had a think about it and I agree Basso’s got to be a hot favourite for Tde F. but it depends on how he goes in the Giro (same with Salvodelli & Contador) If I was a betting man I might be tempted to put a small bet on Vinokourov.

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