A few days off.

The last time I did any training was on saturday. I’d worked from 9-6pm and then met Andy about 6:15 for a run along the coatal path. It was wet and horrible with a gale force cross wind knocking us almost off our feet. So in the weather conditions it wasn’t bad to finish the 6 miles in 48:15.

And that was it for training after that, sunday we went down to Liverpool for mothers day, and Monday Em went into hospital.

 I had plans for monday and tuesday of sneaking a run in but it never happened, I spent monday texting and ringing people with updates and waiting by the phone for the hospital to ring, and then Tuesday was spent looking after Em. The only remotely tri relating thing I did was clean my bike.

But you know what although I feel sluggish today for not having trained, I feel great knowing that Em is alright – and it just shows that although we immerse ourselves in all this training, there ARE more important things than swimming, running and cycling.

stats of saturdays run:

distance: 6 miles        time:   48:15           av HR 146      Calories 733

av pace: 8.11 min mile            best pace:   6:21 min mile


5 responses to “A few days off.

  1. Glad to hear she is okay Holgs – yes, I think its very true, we are immersed, but the other things still retain importance. Its only when we have to look at them that we realise this.

    My brother reckons I train as a form of life evasion!!!

    And anyway, a few days rest won’t have harmed you at all.

  2. Sorry – have had a really hectic few days but wanted to drop in and say glad that all went well and hope that Em is back up to full speed soon! Bet she’s glad to have such a dedicated nurse tucked up at home!



  3. Thanks very much, she’s doing pretty good now and should be up and about in a few days.

  4. Rest is great for your body, doesn’t half confuse your brain though! Mind you some peeps would say it doesn’t take much….

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