A cow sh*t face pack…

That’s what I ended up with as we sped down a remote farmers lane last night on our bikes, I followed John ( as I did for the majority of the ride ) and got splattered in sh*t. Anyways it washed off in the shower and my skin is glowing this morning ha ha….which is more than I can say for my bike, it needs a serious clean at the weekend.

I was out cycling with John. John is a veteran triathlete, veteran as in several years experience of doing Olympic distance events including the Helvellyn Triathlon ( which incidently is the sunday morning after my wedding if anyone fancies it whilst they are up this way – I don’t !! ).

We set off out through Galgate, Dolphinholme towards Abbeystead and then basically did loops around the hills ( and there are some pretty nasty ones around there ). I tend to spin in a big gear whilst John favours a smaller gear but with faster repitions, this obviously is more efficient and judging from the way he was dropping me, faster. So a mental note after last night is to practice riding in a lighter gear but pedalling faster…after all thats what worked for Armstrong, and he wasn’t bad.

The climbing was tough, and my legs were screaming at me as we went up some of the hills, I’m unashamed to say that I had the bike on the granny ring and in the lightest gear possible and even then it took all my concentration just to turn the pedals, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Got to get plenty of hills into my legs before the White Rose in June. Hopefully now with the lighter mornings I’ll be able to get out and after work as well. The increased training should help the weight loss ( incidently still 210 lbs today – no loss this week, which I don’t understand but still ahead of schedule. )

Used the garmin for the first time on the bike last night and it matched my bike computer readings very well. So with the garmin I could measure what elevation of climbing we did as well……geeky I know……but I know you lot appreciate these things…..and if you don’t I do !!


distance 23.34 miles   time:  1:47:22     av speed 13.1 mph     max speed 38.9 mph

Av HR 132     Calories  1474      Total climbing:  1664 feet or 507 metres

I’d warmed up with 4 miles to work in the morning.


21 responses to “A cow sh*t face pack…

  1. Great ride Holgs! And I’m sure that cow pat is good face pack!!

    Mmmm Think that I might get a few bike miles in keeping W company on the last few long runs between now and the marathon! At least all that time and effort getting the crappy mountain bike road worthy again was worth it I suppose!!

    And I’m going to ignore the comment about being geeky!!

    L x

  2. Nothing wrong with being a geek !!

    Working from home today… So so far I have RSVP’d to the Holgs.. Booked the hotel, ordered the Life on Mars sound track CD, and ordered a bracket to mount my Garmin on my bike handle bars.

    Just wondering how much work I can fit in before the cricket and Paris – Nice start on the TV.

    Coffee anyone ?

  3. By veteran he means two years. I think Andy felt roughly the same as I do when I go out with a few others on Monday nights. Remember I said it gets easier the more you do. I think I’d change that to it’s always just as hard but you go a bit faster.


  4. Two years’ tri experience is veteran to us John!

    Okay – nuva fucky question coming up – is the granny ring the smallest one? I use that one of my hills coming home (yeah – would up on the way home!!) and pedal like fury but feel like I’m going nowhere. Mind you, when I first hit that hill, I slowed right down to 4 mph – now I can do it in 6mph – still painfully slow, but something is improving!

  5. What , no punctures??
    The ride sounded good, I can’t wait to get the next weeks half marathon out of the way and get out on the bike. Just remember to be in a suitable gear before you start the climb, especially when your clipped in!
    Also, Careful with the cowsh%t I heard a nasty story about a mountainbiker who picked up some myserious illness from a slurry spray on his drink bottle.
    Can’t be too careful!

  6. Eurgh – AH has a point tho I think – can you get that blind thing from cow poo?

    Oh – btw – my fucky question should of course read ficky question… doh!

  7. dont think a facial like that would be recomended for wedding you dont smell so sweet at best of times !!!
    as for the day after wedding be assured that i for one will NOT be engaging in any mountain trecks…….

  8. John – I’m looking forward to going faster, and myabe then pretending that its getting easier !

    Andy – I know bloody miracle, me out riding and no punctures !
    I have to practice getting in the right gear, I have a tendancy to either change too early or too late, either way leads to a dramatic loss of speed !

    And the drinks bottle is getting thoroughly cleaned tonight – yuck ! Never thought about that.

  9. keep telling you that as my Best Man you should come and do the ironman with me, I’m sure that its proper wedding ettiquette.

  10. When is the Sand Key Triathlon in Florida then?
    Just because I’ve been mad busy at work, and haven’t had time to read this all week – I’ll kill you!!

  11. Now you’re really in IT!

  12. YEP – might need to come and stay at yours tonight mate ha ha

    Sand Key triathlon is 23rd September on Clearwater beach, swim in the Gulf of Mexico, and then bike and ride along the beach roads. 7am start but I’d take you out for breakfast aftwerwards….

  13. It’ll take more than breakfast – start talking taking me to Tiffany’s afterwards and you might be getting somewhere…

  14. expensive hobby this triathlon lark.

  15. marriage is expensive !!!

  16. To quote Holgs:
    ‘You wouldn’t need any treats as you’ll be married to me then, and thats all ANY girl could ever need’
    – Yeah right, as if that’s gonna work!!

  17. Gotta love him for trying, tho, eh Emma? :o)

  18. He is trying, yes, amongst other things…

  19. Re: Holgs going to Tiffany’s – isn’t that the woman that he had a thing for in the 80’s?!

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