Rubber is great….

Although Emma refers to it as my Gimp suit and wonders to herself how I manage to wear it to a pool where there are kids present without getting arrested, I’m now refering to my wetsuit as my friend.

Last nights swimming lesson was the last before the easter break and Peta had told me to wear my suit. Was quite nervous about swimming in it for the first time, especially at a crowded pool where I’d be the only one wearing one.

I have an Orca speedsuit and I’ve found it easy to get on and off ( I’ve practiced at home – but enough about my private life eh ! ). Getting into the water the first thing I noticed was how bouyant I was, I tried to sink to my knees and I couldn’t I kept bobbing up. Also how flexible and light the suit was compared to diving wetsuits. I set off to do my warm up and it felt weird for the first few lengths, hard to describe – suppose its like wearing wellies in a river, you know the water is there, you can feel it but not in the same way as you do when you are barefoot.

I was more efficient through the water as my body seemed to elongate and stay parallel to the surface, my legs were held tighter and the problem that I’ve had of trying to kick too deep disapeered.

One thing though be prepared to overheat if you are wearing one in a heated pool.

Anyways we did the usual drills and then we did a new one which was really tough. You start at the deep end, dive in and are timed over one length. You then get out and walk fast back to the deep end to start again. You have to beat or equal your previous length. This was done over 5 lengths. We had a three minute rest and then we did another set. My slowest length was 19 seconds and my fastest was 17 seconds.

When I started this class 8 weeks ago my fastest was 30 seconds, so I’m very pleased with my progress. Thats it until after Easter, I was told to keep practicing and that next time Peta sees me she wants me to swim a 15 second length.


8 responses to “Rubber is great….

  1. Mate – you are flying!!

    Wetsuits are weird for buoyancy but you are right to start getting used to it early – you will be glad of it on the day!!

    19 -17 sec lengths is really good after you were so anxious about it all!! Really great stuff Holgs!


  2. Thanks for the encouragement, means a lot coming from a swimming guru !

  3. Our coach scared the heck out of me on Saturday – he said we should be aiming for 20 or less strokes per length – there is no way I can get under 22. My arms just won’t do it.

    And as for 17 second lengths, well, I’d feel triumphant if I was doing 30 second lengths.

  4. Min – it’ll all come together!! Honest!!

    You don’t want to be spinning along like a little waterwheel – its all about the pull/push with your arms and gliding along!!

    And I’m hardly a guru!! {but feel free to keep the compliments coming… ;o)}

  5. My stroke length last night was 13. I don’t have the stamina to keep that up in a longer race. Don’t panic about it MTB, as long as YOUR arms are turning fast enough for you it doesn’t matter.

  6. Last night we had to do less than 25. I started on 29 and got it down to 24. I finally realised that its about almost doing it in slow motion – not as Loon says waterwheeling!! Still a long way to go tho.

  7. glad you had a good session last night, I think if you swim relaxed you swim better.

  8. I’ve had a real problem trying to get my stroke count right… Manage it at training on a Saturday night, But all to cock on Sunday at the gym… But flash of inspiration.

    We train at the old Chester bath.. Victorian, starred in the BBC play “Lillies” the other week. I train on my own at the new David Lloyd gym.

    Guess what ???? The Chester baths are Victorian… Imperial measurement.. They are 25 yards ! the gym is 25 metres ie/ some 6 feet LONGER

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