Running on empty

I set out of the door this morning for a run, didn’t bother eating anything except my medication ! Donned my rucksack, left her ladyship in bed, prevented the moggy from dashing out the door and distracted him with his breakfast, switched on the garmin and I was off.

Its a pretty steep start as I head up towards Williamson park, but it levels off after that. My enthusiasm gets the better of me and my first mile is completed in 7:26…..hmm no wonder I felt knackered.

As I plod on I feel more and more like I’m going to just collapse, its hard work, why am I so knackered?? Then after 4 miles it dawns on me that I haven’t eaten anything since 8pm last night so there probably isn’t enough energy to sustain my running at pace. Maybe next time I should have a chewy bar before setting off.

One plus about the run was the weather, glorious sunshine and a nice crisp morning, no wind and quite warm. I had my shorts on and my legs weren’t cold, about half way into the run my gloves came off and the jacket got unzipped……roll on spring !

I get my second wind as I get onto campus and do a lap ( its one mile round the perimeter road ) to finish. I’m knackered, but now having showered and had some porridge and my coffee I feel alive and ready to face the day. Hope I recover for my swimming lesson tonight.


distance: 6.05 miles      time: 49:30     8.11 min mile Av      5:41 min mile best

160 HR       866 Calories burned.


4 responses to “Running on empty

  1. There is really no stopping you is there Holgs!!

    A sub 50 10K training run after no fuel – I think I may actually hate you!!


  2. Yeah – sub 50 10k in my dreams!!!! But then, so is 16 mph on the bike…

  3. am I becoming a hate figure then ? You’re running about 55 mins aren’t you? Sub 50 is not out of your reach.

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