I felt restless last night, not because anything was on my mind or because I had worries etc…. just plain and simply because I hadn’t done anything that day. I was knackered and had had a busy day at work and with my sensible head on knew that I should be having a rest. So why then did it bug me so much ?

I just relaxed, watched the tv and basically chilled out. Got to get over this guilty feeling I get when I don’t train.

Obsessed me…….never!

Restless………definitely !


5 responses to “Restless…

  1. I know what you mean – I hate the so called rest days – I tend to find myself doing stretches or somat to make up for it! Daft isn’t it. To be honest, I’m dreading the weeks straight after the event – you’ll be busy getting married of course, but what the heck are the rest of us gonna do with our time – especially the first week!

  2. You need to find something to keep you amused whilst you rest…

    Knitting ? Crochet ? Wild passion (You’re not married yet !)

    Agree, You do feel “naughty” when you don’t train and have a night off

  3. Well thats four of us that feel the same way then! I do feel really bad when I haven’t been out and exercised….but rest is very important given the amount of training we do so I guess it’s the mindset we need to change and not to worry about it.

    I was thinking about after The Big Woody – will be very strange having all that time freed up and will take a bit od adjustment.

    We could all meet up for a knitting or crochet or wild passion training weekend away?

  4. Am thinking of doing the Sand Key Triathlon in Florida, have already made enquiries about hiring a racing bike.

  5. Always one has to take things to extreme…

    Says the guy who has looked into Western Australia Ironman !

    Back to the training.. Quality not Quantity.

    There has to be a reason why all the training schedules have rest days built in.

    You can’t expect decent results when you are knackered

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