Long Run…

It was a good weekend, didn’t do any training until yesterday but had a good quality run.

Met Andy down at his place then ran through Thurnham down to Glasson Dock, then down the coastal path ( funny it seems longer when you can see where you are going ! ), ran the usual gauntlet of dog walkers, horse riders and extras from Cocoon out for their Sunday Morning Constitutional !

Nasty little climb up to Aldcliffe but thankfully Andy had done a reccy on his bike the day before and had hidden a water bottle in a hedge, a “drinks station” as he called it. Very much appreciated it was as well. Although the wind was cold in our faces, the sun was beating down which made for a very mixed thermostat, think the jacket got zipped up and down more times than Bill Clintons flies.

Dropped back down on to the coastal path and then back along the main road. We took it really nice and gentle and weren’t pushing ourselves, so it was pleasing to finish in 1:26:50.


distance= 10.1 miles     time: 1:26:50    Av pace = 8:36 min/mile     best pace = 6:18

Av HR = 151     Calories burnt= 1417

ps: congratulations to Viking, MTB and her sister on the good run at the balckpool 10k yesterday.


3 responses to “Long Run…

  1. Nice run Holgs!

    Yeah – my sister may well be a convertee yet! She started the day by stating categorically Never Again! The stress leading up was too much etc etc. Then we had a great relaxed run – she was so strong, I’m really really proud of her. She had a little emotional moment as we ran the final 50 yards and felt sick but we held hands to cross the line and the first thing she said was how much fun it had been and that she would do it again! So who knows, maybe we’ll get her yet. She swears blind she’ll never do a Half but I remember swearing blind I’d never ever ever do a marathon and now look…! :o)

  2. She’s on the slippery slope….

  3. She did really well…lets pick out a half for her to aim at!

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