I don’t think any one noticed…

It was a nice morning yesterday so i thought I’d go to work on my road bike. Now anyone that knows where I live and my rout to work will know that the first couple of streets I go up are very steep. This usually isn’t a problem.

Yesterday I approached the first junction – left leg twist, unclip, foot down whilst the car passes, thinking smugly “I’m getting the hang of these clipless pedals”. Look left, look right, look left again and push to set off, try to clip my foot back in and slip, try to put my right foot down to steady myself – “Oh shit its still clipped in……..result………TIMBERRRRRR

Yep I hit the floor quicker than Viking at a Spice Girls appreciation night !

 Now my bloody foot unclips, quickly jump up and look around, none of the curtains are twitching…..I don’t think anyone noticed. Jump on my bike and cycle away with my pride intact, well almost……

Had a good run that night with Andy, the usual 6 mile coastal headtorch run, it was pouring down and after the half way turn the wind was hammering the rain into our faces, felt like hailstones !  Made us run stronger, and we finished in 48:36, no more data as I’d forgot my garmin.

Having a rest day today. Have a good weekend everyone.


4 responses to “I don’t think any one noticed…

  1. Teehee…

    I spent ages with the bike on my turbo trainer, clipping, and unclipping. Ventured round the village a few times… Yeah magic this.

    Fist decent ride, I’d done about 25 miles, heading for home and tuning off the main road. Went to put foot down…. Aaaargh Thud. I’m laid there in the middle of an A road as 3 guys cycled the other way.. OK Mate ? asks first, New pedals ? asks the 2nd We’ve all done it comments the 3rd. Home with only a bruised ego.

    Went out with Fat Face just after he got his bike.. He said he could tell when traffic ligts were about to chance.. It was half a second after he heard me unclip !

  2. Not sure I wanna get some of them posh shoes/pedals now!

    A certain young lady who we all know might have had an ickle fall as well yesterday….but it’s ok because she had a soft landing…on her head!

    So that just leaves me as the only one not to have fallen off my bike…..

  3. MTB is all miffed that I was able to extract the micky at swim training tonight.. Looks like Vickys life will be a misery tomorrow… Although it should only be miserable once a week, when he got us into this mess….

    Teehee Only joking, Have a great weekend all

  4. I was very nice to him ALL day in fact!!!!

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