A good start

Well it’s a week since I reported on what I weighed, 15 Stones 5 and 3/4 ponds.

I took Johns advice and started weighing myself daily, I’ve found that it really helps because you can’t hide from the facts, and I’ve eaten better because I’ve known that I’ve got to face the scales the next morning. I’ve also been keeping my food diary and I’m being very careful about what I eat.

I’ve also had a good training week, putting in some good quality miles on the road, and a good session in the pool. Anyways its all paid off and I’ve been losing weight steadily this week. The goal was just over 2 lbs a week to reach 13 stones by June.

When I got on the scales this morning I weighed 15 stones exactly. Thats a 5lb loss.

I’m pleased with that……it’s a good start !


4 responses to “A good start

  1. Great news Holgs – keep it up. Losing the weight is honestly not going to be a problem as the training increase to massive proportions over the next 5 months so long as we re-fuel sensibly.

    I’ve been hopping on the scales on a regular basis since the start of the year and happy with the way it is going.

  2. Good stuff Holgs – thats great!

    (I know I shouldn’t do this so god strike me down n all that – but I couldn’t help but chuckle that a certain person has pulled out of TBW and NO-ONE – yup NO-ONE has commented about it on the TBW thread! That’ll have gone down in a pig at a jewish wedding kind of way! Hee hee.

    Sorry – I’ll be good now.

  3. If you are going to be good, Think that syu off my Christmas card list ! Teehee

  4. thanks Viking, hadn’t noticed the drop out but I predicted that one.

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