Movin’ on up…..

It was my penultimate swimming lesson of the term last night before the Easter break and it was a very good one.

Peta had told me at the end of last week that I had to 400m ( 16 lengths ) warm up before the class started, I was swimming along feeling good and actually did 500m ( 20 lengths ). I really felt like it was coming together, I’m holding my body better in the water and really have the hang on bilateral ( both sides ) breathing.

The lesson started with a 100m warm up with the others. Then it was the following :

8 lengths holding a float vertical in the water to create more drag – really working the legs, my calfs were screaming at me at the end of that one.

4 lengths ( 30 sec rest ) of full crawl with no breathing

8 lengths of arm action with a float in between your highs, concentrating on high elbow and the glide of the forearm into the water, hitting the “sweet spot” ( the point where your arm is fully extended and you naturally feel like you are gliding through the water ) and then the pull.

4 lengths race with the others, I had to give them between 1/2 and 1 lengths start.

Then we spent a while practising tumble turns – I’m not very good at this as it needs good co-ordination ( I need to practice ahead of Skipton ) and diving.

In the next lane was a Triathlete in his wetsuit and his style was brilliant to watch, Peta says mine is at that level now and that I just need to concentrate. For next weeks lesson I have to go in my wetsuit to practice, should be fun.

And oh yeah for next term I’m being promoted from the improvers class to the advanced, not bad eh ?


9 responses to “Movin’ on up…..

  1. Can we do tumble turns at Skipton ? They are banned at the Nantwich Pool Tri’s.

    Advance… Sounds like it’s starting to come on, Keep up the good work

  2. don’t know to be honest mate ( probably not then as you’d think the tri’s would be consistant in their rules) I just presumed as it was a pool swim that we would be. Fine with me if we can’t because I’m crap ta them.

    Thanks, it’s a great feeling when you are told how well I’ve transformed my crawl, I’ll never be the fastest but as long as I’m efficient and can conserve energy for the bike and run instead of flapping about I ‘ll be very happy !

  3. No some allow and some don’t….

    I moved up a lane last week at Chester…

    Don’t know what happened last night, Just got going.. felt Ok, so kept going. 3 or 4 lengths felt magical…

    Paying for it a bit today tho

  4. Well done Holgs – see all that hard work is starting to pay off and in good time for the open water season too!!

    You’ll be rockin by September hon!!

  5. I hate swimming. And biking. And running.

  6. someone’s in denial !!

  7. I deny being in denial. But then I would wouldn’t I.

  8. You guys will be growing gills next!

  9. aparently Warringtons finest already have webbed feet !

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