“I think we need to slow down”

That was the summary after the first two miles of our headtorch run last night, Andy was still feeling sundays race in his legs. The first two miles were 7:25 and 7:11. didn’t think we were going that fast because we were chatting and the views across the estuary at sunset were great.

Anyways we slowed it down and finished the 6 miles in a respectable 49:34, think Andys legs were cursing me.  I felt strong which is the first time I’ve had that feeling since coming back, I’m feeling fitter and I’m up for it at the moment.

Statistics of the run :

6 miles     49:34       av pace : 8.16    best pace 5:52         Av HR: 146     748 Calories.

My food diary is going well and I’m weighing myself daily and adjusting my diet accordingly. As John said when you weigh yourself daily you can’t kid yourself, its real ! Its helping.

 I also cycled to work and back yesterday in 34 minutes giving me a calorie burn of 304 calories. I was on my mountain bike, which feels like riding a tank compared to my road bike but the extra weight will probably have done my legs some good.


2 responses to ““I think we need to slow down”

  1. If I go any slower I’ll stop!!!!

    Can I hassle you for a copy of the Ironman DVD Em got you? Ta chucks!

  2. yeah sorry I’ll try and sort that out this weekend, had forgot about it.

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