My training yesterday consisted of a 90 minute yoga class, now before you think “Oh god Holgs has gone all hippy on us” just stop and think for a second ( now I know thats difficult Viking ! ) Yoga is basically stretching so its great for the muscles. Given my muscle injuries over the last 6 months I started going  a couple of times a week with Em and it really helped.

Last night was the first time I’ve been in about 4 weeks for one reason or another and it was hard work, but still very good – you can really feel it stretching your leg muscles etc…

Hopefully it will keep me injury free and make me more flexible, mind you given my inflexibility I’m never going to be able to get into the lotus position but at least now I can touch my toes.


One response to “Yoga

  1. Hey – I’ve been going to yoga for 4 weeks now – 90 mins of pure stretching! Its brilliant – and lets face it, when else in the week would you devote that amount of time to stretches? It might be coincidence, but the nagging pain I get in my hip as a result of bunched up hip flexors and glut min from my accident years ago has definintely subsided. Also, I notice that when I get off the bike, I’m not half as ” stiff” as I was – the pain in my lower back has all but gone. We do a lot of core work too – this has to be helping. I’d recommend it to anyone who trains hard. And to be honest, when else do you just chill out and actually have pure unadulterated “doing nothing” time? We have a 15 minute relaxation period. Last week, I actually fell asleep!

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