Cycling sideways…

Had a busy weekend really, Southport, Liverpool etc…..seeing friends and family.

Got up and out on my bike yesterday morning at 9am, had every intention of putting about 40-50 miles in on my own. The weather conditions were bloody awful, lashing rain and very strong winds. Going up Harrisend Fell, I hit the bottom ring and was pedalling like hell but getting nowhere, the wind was coming at my from off the tops and it was all I could do to keep myself upright. Got to the top, stopped, had a drink and some licqouice, my heart rate was 189 ( the highest its ever been on the bike – the av for the ride was 135 ). That was at the 10 mile point, I decided to just put it down to experience and head back. I think I wore my brakes out on the descent, that was scary !!

Any ways statistics:

20.1 miles      1:29:00    13.1 mph Av speed    max speed 38.3 mph

Av Hr 135     1179 cals burned

Hopefully better rides to come, think if I hadn’t been on my own I probably would have gone further.


3 responses to “Cycling sideways…

  1. I can’t wait for the better weather, will make training a whole lot better. Can enjoy it rather than endure it! Also the clocks go forward on the 25th March therefore more daylight in the evenings so things should be looking a bit better soon.

  2. Is the 10 your mate is doing a 10k or a 10 miler? Me and Viking are doing a 10k in Lytham this Sunday with my sister.

    I managed 3.15 hours on the bike on Sunday – in extremely adverse conditions to say the least! I was so wet when I got in that I could literally wring my clothes out – I realised that my hands had become warm because the thin gloves under the thick gloves I was wearing, combined with the rain water, had created a kind of wet suit effect!! Took me ages to get the blood back to my feet and hands when I got in. Was an awesome experience though and weirdly I actually enjoyed it – in a kind of pitting myself against the elements way. Very odd!

  3. It was a 10 miler and Andy did it in 80:11 which was a bloody good run in those conditions.

    good luck for your 10k on sunday then, hope the weather is better.

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