Weight watchers…..

Well as promised yesterday I weighed myself this morning and I tipped the scales ( which may be wrong ) at 15stones 5 and 3/4 pounds. I wasn’t happy with that but I’ve got 6 months to try and shift 33 lbs to be iron fit and in decent condition to look good on my wedding photos ( vain I know ).

I know to take measurements as well, but my clothes have felt tighter, too many treats of late. Its time to take some responsibility for my actions and not just talk a good game.

Most of you know that I have a bloody awful body self image and a deep rooted problem with food, but I’ve just got to get on with it. I’ve started keeping my food diary again which will help, I may publish that on a different page just to make me really think about what I eat if I have to report it.

And if all else fails there’s always liposuction.


3 responses to “Weight watchers…..

  1. Everybody is different, this works for me.

    When I want to lose weight I weigh my self everyday, same time, and graph the result. Accuracy is to the nearest pound, don’t bother with more accuracy you’re just talking about a good poo! If I’m .4 the rounding down make things look good, .6 and not so good. Then make sure the graph shows a consistent downward trend, if not, it’s quite simple, I’m consuming more than I burn and I turn it round, not by much I don’t want to get light headed and fall off a bike or in a canal.

    People say you shouldn’t weigh yourself daily, I find it helps with self control, there is nowhere to hide, the data doesn’t tell fibs. Weigh less frequently and I start telling myself fibs. Get the fuel/burn ratio right and I get good positive feedback daily. Get it wrong and I get good negative feedback daily. People say weight fluctuates too much to bother doing this. I think that’s rubbish, at least it was for me.

    Youv’e got 4 months, not six. Month five and six you want to be training at competition weight and tapering. It’s 16 weeks, 2.065 pounds a week which is very, very bite sized and not the proverbial 33lb elephant.

    Happy to talk more at work if you like. You can do it, no problem.


  2. Prompted by your log and an ever tightening waistband I’ve just got on the scales.I think John’s right, if you don’t know what you weigh you tell yourself fibs, and have I been telling some porkies!!!
    I’ve generally gone with the view that you should’nt get on the scales more than once a week, but at 13st 6lb, I think I’ve ‘lost the plot’ .
    I’ve now got a BMI of 27 which is bad enough, (officially overweight!) but when you have designs on Triathlons, Cyclosport events, Mountain events marathons etc it’s just not gonna happen.
    I’m kicking off a food diary and a weight graph today!

  3. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it, i weighed myself yesterday and had drop 1 3/4 pounds.
    My food diary has started again from the 1st March and I’ll start weighing myself daily – again I think your right that it gives you nowhere to hide, which is what I need.

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