I’ve seen the light…

Had a brilliant run last night. Met Andy and we went out using headtorches along the very dark and deserted coastal path from Glasson Dock towards Lancaster. First time I’ve been out running with anyone since my comeback from injury in February, I was worried I was going to struggle to keep up but it wasn’t the case. We pushed each other along at a decent pace and it was a good run.

Never worn a headtorch to run in before and it was suprisingly comfy, and I’d recommend one to anyone doing training in areas were there is little light.

Anyways statistics:

5.73 miles     47:25 time        Av pace 8:11      Best pace 6:37

146 AV HR      720 Calories burned

So very pleased with that, we could have pushed on but as Andy’s racing in a 10 miler at Lytham on Sunday we sensibly called it a day. Good luck for sunday mate.


3 responses to “I’ve seen the light…

  1. Sounds fun.. Thats my (our) problem living in a small village we are out off street lighting in 3 minutes, and country lanes aren’t the bt place to run at this time of year.. And if we are driving to somewhere to run, we tend to end up at the gym so we can swim and steam afterwards…

    My Grandparents used to take me and my brother to Glasson Dock on Sundays when we were small… There was a floating cafe in the dock. Must have been 40 years ago tho

  2. Glad you enjoyed your introduction to running with a headtorch, it makes a change to dodging cars and pedestrians. It was a good run and it gave me a bit of a reality check going into the 10 on Sunday and the Half later in the month.
    Thanks also for the encouragement
    The floating cafe Dave refers to will I think be the ‘Barbargee’ its been a Indian and a Seafood restaurant since then, neither with great sucess. The boat is still there but not in use at the moment. There are an abundance of cafe’s in the area.

  3. God knows Andy… I do remember my Granny giving me Vimto there, and being sick in thier car on the way home…. Must have been around 1965 !!

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