Swimming……getting better

My legs were aching a little bit yesterday after my run the night before, thought that I would struggle at my swimming lesson but I did pretty well. The pool was packed last night but luckily there is only 4 in my class so we had a pretty uncrowded lane.

The session went as follows :

warm up : 2 x crawl, 2 x backstroke, 2 x breaststroke ( managed that without drowning )

We then all decided we wanted different things, I wanted to work on my crawl efficiency. She said my legs are still my weak spot so we worked on them.

8 x 25m lengths just legs pushing a float ( ached at the end )

4 x 25m lengths of crawl holding my breath ( 30 secs recovery between each) – designed to help my stamina.

2 x lengths concentrating solely on breathing

2 x lengths of arm technique concentrating on reaching forward.

She then asked what was the shortest distance I’d swim in a race, I said 400m. She said right we’ve got about 10 minutes left, I want you to swim 16 lengths ( 400m ) in under 10 minutes !

Anyways I managed it coming in at 9:44, was pleased with that, kanckered as well – and we noticed some flaws in my stroke when I start to just concentrate on racing. Going to work on them next week.

Was a good session.


2 responses to “Swimming……getting better

  1. Sounds like a pretty tough on Holgs – well done you! That pushing a float and just kicking is my least favourite – think I move about 1 cm a minute!

  2. yeah it doesn’t half isolate the leg muscles and make you work harder – seems to make it easier though when you take it away !

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