6 months and counting….

Well as its the 1st of March today it means there is only six months left of training, racing, preparing until myself, Dave, Viking and MTB ( and quite a few others ) will jump into a Lake in the Forest of Dean at stupid O’clock for 13 odd hours of masochistic fun !

I had every intention of weighing myself this morning and keeping track of that on here, I’ll do it tomorrow. I reckon at present I’m just over 15 stones, come race day I’d like to be between 12 and 13 stones….so we’ll see.

6 Months to do list ( in no particular order ):

Train hard

eat for fuel not fun

write my wedding vows

watch Newvcastle FC win the UEFA cup ( a man has to have some dreams )

Swim, Swim lots, and then Swim some more…..

Become much better at changing punctures

Slap Viking when I see him

and most of all try not to neglect Em as I become a focused, driven, and hopefully successful ironman.


5 responses to “6 months and counting….

  1. More than happy to help out with slapping Viking

  2. we could form an ordely queue!

  3. us orderly ????

    How do you like my avatar ? It’s last years round the walls race at Chester. Cougie took it, cos as usual he was late and missed the start

  4. Punctures! Dammit – another thing to learn…

  5. You bunch of slappers!

    6 months to go – exciting isn’t it!

    It will be fun fun fun all the way!

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