Nipples are an enigma, now don’t get me wrong as a bloke I can appreciate them on certain people BUT why oh why do men have them. They just rub on your shirt when you are running and get sore….or at least mine did last night. And I know I should have had taken precautions ( bodyglide, vaseline, plasters etc…) but I forgot and when I finished my run I looked like a sniper had it me twice in the chest, as blood stains trickled down the front of my shirt.

I know its evolutionary, and stems from both men and women sharing the same features etc…..but for the sake of future generations of male runners lets hope evolution gets rid of them pretty bloody quickly as they serve no purpose what so ever.

Anyways the statistics of last nights run :

distance: 10.1 miles   Time 1:30:02      Av pace : 9.02    Best pace: 5:36

Av HR 154        Calories: 1478

The longest I’ve ran for a long time, just a slow plod to build up stamina. Very strong wind in my face as well but felt really good to get some distance in my legs.


5 responses to “Ouch…

  1. Good run that Holgs, you haven’t lost it!

    I agree re the nipples. There are many other examples of redundant body parts on humans, eg appendix, women’s brains etc etc

    I’ll get me coat….

  2. had my appendix out, I though womens brains was just one of those Urban Myths.

  3. Nowt more to be said really!

  4. Logged on last night, and was confronted by a grown man contemplating his nipples… Wouldn’t have been so bad if he had been contemplating Kylie’s or Nichole’s Teehee

    Managed to do the same thing a couple of years back, and as you say looked like I had been shot. Suppose I should have washed my new Chester Tri running vest before Sundays 10k ?

  5. It wasn’t a grown man DTES, it was Holgs…

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