We all have off days I suppose when it comes to training, I had one yesterday. I’d had a pretty good day at work for a Monday and was quite up for a quick run straight from work. It was a sunny evening but still a bit chilly.

I set off pretty good and felt strong but about half way round my run I just felt like there was nothing in the tank, and I was knackered by the time I made it back to work.

Anyways even on a bad day I still managed to get 40 minutes of running in, so its not all bad.

My garmin didn’t pick up a satellite feed so no recorded distance but I estimate it to be approx 5 miles based on my usual route.

Stats from my HR monitor :

40:01 time    152 av HR   632 Cals burned.

I then went home and we finished making the wedding invites……phew ! Just have to write the bloody things now !


3 responses to “Struggling…

  1. Having the occasional bad day makes us appreciate the good days even more.

    There will be plenty of days where things don’t go right over the next few months…the key is to put it down to experience and make sure the next sesh is a good one.

    Can invitation writing be classed as cross training?

  2. Couldn’t agree more – have to still remember as well that I’ve only been running again for about 20 days……still building up the stamina.

    Invitation making and writing should class as cross training, was knackered this morning and didn’t want to get out of bed because I was up late doing that !

  3. I know that feeling well Holgs – happened to me last week when I was doing a 5 miler – got about 2 miles in and there was just nothing there! Then it occured to me that I hadn’t reallybeen hitting the pasta or carbs – I eat well, but I realised I’d been leaning towards protein more. Injected some carb loading in and felt 100% better. Somat to do with low glycogen apparently!

    Also – was talking to Iron Mike t’other day ( several IM’s under his belt ) and he said the thing about IM training is that you are meant to be progressively overloading – in other words, tired all the time, so come the big day your body can cope with a day long onslaught! Hope he’s right!

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