The weekend that was…

Well it was a pretty good weekend, not entirely the best from a training point of view but that wasn’t unexpected on my part.

It all started well on Friday went for a 6 mile run straight from work, statistics as :

time : 49:48     av pace: 8.18 min/mile       best pace:  6:17 min/mile

Av HR: 158    Calories : 862

Really enjoyed the run in the rain ( I have a sadistic streak I think ) but it still feels weird trying to run heel to toe after all those years of running wrong – my legs do feel better for it though.

So that was my training, after the following took place over the weekend:

Running club dinner with Em, Pam and Andy – cracking night, hopefully Andy is going to do the Skipton tri with us now as well…….still working on the idea of upping the white rose distance…..

Lee and Pam, my best man and his saint of a wife came over on saturday. He was seriously hung over. We went to town and choose our wedding suits, and thankfully they aren’t pink – then spent the rest of the afternoon in the pub ( we won’t mention the rugby ). Then we get a chinese and played 80’s Name that tune trivia – what a wild life we lead !

Finalised the wedding guest list, made more invitations, and did a bit of ebaying.

They let my dad out of hospital – thanks to all who sent good wishes.

And on a bad note – Newcastle lost to Wigan.

Backs a bit sore this morning, might get a quick run after work, then I’ll be spending the rest of night making invitations….


2 responses to “The weekend that was…

  1. making invitations – of the fun that awaits you my friend x

  2. Oh don’t I just know it oh wise grasshopper !!

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