I’m a numpty

I had every intention of posting over the weekend but realised that I’d left my password at home and I couldn’t remember it.

Prat, Numpty, Muppet are all words that spring to mind ( usually when I think of viking – which I try not to much ) but this weekend they applied to me.


3 responses to “I’m a numpty

  1. First ofa ll – didn’t know your dad was poorly so apologies for seeming to have ignored that – hope he’s on the mend.

    Had a cracking 3 hours on the bike yesterday – just about a wet and windy a day as you could possibly hope for! I was indeed a sorry and bedraggled site when I eventually pitched up at my mum’s to use her hose to hose down my bike. She very kindly offered to hose me down to but I declined! Was tremendous fun though, and I only dropped quarter a mile on the previous week and given the weather conditions, I’d expected to lose a lot more. I always head out towards Cheshire and have discovered that no matter which way I head back into Wales, the wind is always against me! It comes rolling down the mountains that I live at the bottom of and sometimes its just like trying to make headway in a wind tunnel. There was a bit of blaspheming going on yesterday! And then I hit some really muddy lanes for the last half an hour or so. Unbelievably, I could actually feel the mud on my bike and it made for heavy going.

    But I survived to tell the tale!


  2. sounds like a fun ride MTB, keep up the good work.

  3. Holgs – you forgot eejit, nutter, and feckwit.

    Min – great bike sesh yesterday, I obviously slowed you up last week!

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