a rest will do you good….

I didn’t do anything yesterday.

There you go I’ve said it, thats like an alcoholic standing up and saying I didn’t have a drink yesterday. I guess some people think I’m obsessive, I can see why they think that. I get moody if I don’t exercise, I feel guilty if I don’t exercise, and I’m a total pain in the arse if I’m injured – just ask Em.

An obsession or an addiction is something that you can’t do with out, so I suppose I am in the eyes of the dictionary writers. Even when I’m not training I’m thinking about it. I made a 120 mile round trip last night to see my dad in hospital ( he’s fine ) but all the time in the car I was thinking about cycle routes and running routes, as well as singing along to the Cure ( used to hate them but Em bought their greatest hits cd and its actually quite good ) and then some cheesy pop stuff.

I formulated plans to get up and go running this morning at 6am, but it didn’t happen. I’ll go after work tonight, have to be a quick one though as I’m out tonight at a running club dinner…….

So the moral of the story is in our addictive little world, whilst those around us probably see us as obsessive we know we are dedicated…….most of the time.


8 responses to “a rest will do you good….

  1. I had nearly a 6 days off last week with “manflu”.. Was a pain for the first couple of days, Thinking I was missinf training. But how much decent work can you do if ill ? You do need to have some sort of “down time” I nearly always have Monday off.. Few beers watch the TV.. A little Dave time. Makes Tuesdays session seem so much better

  2. I think I’m seen as a nag when I say that – but I agree with you there Dave. Your body needs to have some rest during the week. And no point training when you’re ill – surely it makes it worse?
    I, on the other hand, rest all week…so need to aim for at least 1 day of exercise!!

  3. Emma – have you cleaned my bike yet, Holgs said he was going to have a word with you about it?

  4. You’re treading a very fine line there mate-y…And you know I’d do more damage than good – I might mistake nail varnish remover for bike cleaner – whoops!!

  5. and thats why I never let her near my bike !!

  6. Know exactly what you mean Hols – my idea of a rest day these days is 90 mins yoga!!

    Met Mr V for lunch today – and very nice it was too. ‘Cept ask him about him talking in Tri-Ponce-Vocab!!! Go on – ask him… Hee hee! :o)

  7. That’ll be Holgs of course. Not Hols!

  8. Who are you calling a ponce?

    I’m gonna send the boys round to sort you out…Holgs/DTES – go and sort her out will you.

    I did nothing on Sat, worked all day and was too knackered after work so went for an all you can eat Chinese banquet instead to celebrate Lou’s birthday.

    Done an hour on the bike and an hour running this morning, off to work now :o(

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