the good points about yesterday

Although the swimming lesson was bloody hard work I did enjoy my other training.

I cycled to work on my old mountain bike ( feels dead heavy compared to my road bike ) and did 20 minutes, I then rode home and did 30 minutes followed by a 10 minute run to get jelly legs.

Not a big training session really but it all helps, figured best not to use up too much energy before my swimming lesson – wise decision ( which is very rare for me ).


5 responses to “the good points about yesterday

  1. Swimming is tonight for me – did a 50 min run last night – was okay, but I’m still aware that my breathing is not right as a result of the snot load I’m still carrying!

  2. First trip to the gym since last weeks “manflu”. Spent 30 mins chucking weights around then 20 lengths crawl…

  3. 20 lengths crawl is decent swim Dave!

  4. 50 min run for me last night, just going to do some weights/stretches tonight as v busy.

  5. Oh and I have read 220 magazine this month about eating and re-fuelling being the fourth discipline of tri….therefore I will try a brick session now of curry/naan bread/red wine/cake!

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