That sinking feeling…..

You ever had that sinking feeling ? No not that one in your head or the pit of your stomach but the one which sees you swallowing half a swimming pool ?

Mine came last night. I’ve been having swimming lessons for a few weeks now because I wanted to improve my front crawl and make myself more efficient in the water, thats been a great success and although I’ll never be a fast swimmer I’m now confident that I’ll make it out of the water and onto the bike without needing an oxygen tank.

My swimming teacher thinks we should learn other strokes to improve our fitness in the water, , last week we did backstroke and I discovered that I’m quite good at that. Last night she uttered the dreaded phrase “We are going to do breaststroke”

I can’t do breaststroke, no really I CAN’T DO BREASTSTROKE.

The other 3 in the class are all great at it, so last night basically I was doing remedial swimming. I have zero co-ordination and my arms and legs don’t kick at the same time, and she kept shouting at me for not gliding ! I swallowed more water than a blue whale at feeding time !!

So I have homework for next week, I have to swim 2 lengths of breaststroke and glide glide glide…….or she won’t let me work on my crawl.

I’m feeling a week of serious water retention coming along !


6 responses to “That sinking feeling…..

  1. Now breast stroke is the one thing I know I can do! If all else fails on the day i will quite happily do the swim like that!

  2. I can do breatstroke all night but I am just v v slow at it – would probably take about 4 hours to do 2.4mls so isn’t an option! Might use it on the day though just to get a breather for 5 mins.

    Either that or I am going to grab Holgs’s foot and get towed along from one end of the lake to the other – the speed he swims at I could be water skiing!

  3. the thought of being grabbed by you is incentive to swim a hell of a lot faster !!

  4. Tell her to get lost, you’re paying for the lessons! If you are really bad at it there is no point and it’s too tiring (because you’re really bad at it) to use in the race. Also, I can do breaststroke properly, but find it can put a lot of pressure on the knees, not good. Honestly, I wouldn’t bother.


  5. good point that John, I was really feeling it in my knees and ankles.
    Will swim the length and then tell her thats it – back to crawl.

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