Training and gadgets…

I’ve been injured lately and not been able to run properly since September really when I had to pull out of the great North Run. I now have orthotics in my shoes to correct the way I walk and run, these are taking a bit of getting used to but it feels good to be out there again.

 Anyways I went for a run last night after work and here’s the stats :

6.27 miles in 55:35

Av pace = 8.52     best pace = 7.01     Av Heart Rate = 155    Calories burned = 939

Was pleased with that run, still lots of work to be done.

I’m a fan of gadgets and never go out for a run or bike ride without my Polar Heart Rate Monitor, it lets me know how hard I’m working and tells me how many calories I’ve burnt off ( essential for trying to manage my weight ). I also use a Garmin forerunner to gage my pace and distance travelled when I’m running – another great little device. Its arguable though if any of these things make you run any faster !


4 responses to “Training and gadgets…

  1. Gadgets! Ah – I love gadgets…

    Polar HRM, Garmin, MP3 – I look like a blumin electronics shop when I go running these days.

    Then of course I bought a computer for the bike. Then I bought one for Viking for an early birthday present – it just goes on!

    I actually had to get rid of some “real” clothes the other day just so I could make some wardrobe space for kit! :o)

  2. I love the gadgets too even if I haven’t got a clue how most of it works!

    Been training with a HRM since the start of the year which I have never done before and never go running without my garmin.

    Also got an MP3 for Xmas so been running with that, not sure everyone appreciates the madman running past singing aloud but never mind.

    BTW I had to register here as Viking1 as someone already had Viking, so that means there are two Vikings out there. Be afraid…very afraid.

  3. I tried running with an mp3 but didn’t really like it.

  4. If you had downloaded something better than Wham’s greatest hits ot the Spice Girls album you might have enjoyed it more.

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