Its all Holgs fault !

When I decided to do an ironman triathlon, I emailed my mate Viking and told what I was thinking of doing. For some daft reason I thought he’d be the voice of reason and say don’t be so bloody daft………he didn’t !

He agreed to do it with me, even though he couldn’t swim and didn’t own a bike ( I should point out though that he’s an ultra-marathon runner ). We then posted on the Runners World Forum and to my amazement we were joined by Dave The Ex-Spartan and Minnie Two Bikes.

Until this point I’d always blamed Viking for getting us into this mess but its confession time – its all my fault.

So because of me planting a seed this lot have all been out and bought bikes, are having swimming lessons and are training like possessed people ! I’ll definitely owe them a pint when we finish this thing in September.


4 responses to “Its all Holgs fault !

  1. Hahahahaha!

    A confession! At last!

    Tis indeed all your fun. I mean fault!!!!

  2. He’s admitted it !!!

    Must print out the bit about buying us a pint

  3. ha ha I’m doomed now !

  4. Hallelujah he has seen the light and fessed up!

    Bout bliddy time too!

    Message to everyone else – I told you so!

    Serves Holgs right for thinking I was the voice of reason – bet he doesn’t make that mistake again!

    Oh and regarding the pint when we finish – make mine a babycham, with ice, lemon, cherry, umbrella and a sparkler.

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