Your doing what ?

That seems to have been the reaction of most people when I tell them what I’m training for.

To complicate matters I get married 7 days after I complete the ironman, I’ve been warned that I’d better make it down the isle in one piece or I’m a dead man…..might be touch and go.

Its the biggest challenge of my life and it isn’t going to be easy but I’m going to savour every moment of the training and the race, and hopefully when Em gets a husband – he’ll look in pretty good shape.


4 responses to “Your doing what ?

  1. I’m still very suprised she let you do it – you’re a brave man…

  2. I like to live on the edge ! Just hope Em doesn’t push me off it !!

  3. In all honesty, despite how much I wind you up / threaten you / tell you you look like dafydd etc… I’m very proud of you, and I admire your motivation and energy – and the rest of the team!
    To be soppy, you’re already in perfect shape for me.

  4. Ah the old “your doing what” question…usually closely followed by “why?”

    My answer is always “because Holgs made me!!!”

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