how this madness started…..

What makes a normal ( some would argue against that ) bloke wake up one morning and think you know what I’m going to become an ironman ?

Well it all started a long time ago, about 22 years ago when I was on holiday in Nottingham, I watched a family friend win the British Championships and thought one do I’ll complete a triathlon.

I finished my first one last year at Cockerham, it was a sprint ( 400m swim, 15k bike and 5 k run ) it was great fun and I was hooked. I went straight home and entered the Big Woody Ironman Triathlon.

I’ve been a runner since I was little and run for Barrow Striders AC, I’m not particularly fast, I’m several stone overweight and I’m injury prone…..but I’m determined to complete this thing and become an Ironman.

Got to say thanks to several people for their support including my wife to be, Emma. My mam and dad and lots of good mates offering advice like Andy and John, the URWFRC mob and plenty of others as I start on this interesting and challenging road.


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